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Standard For Success Serves
The Entire Education Spectrum

From Early Learning to Higher Ed, we deliver solutions for educators and administrators across the education continuum.

Early Learning Assessment

AASA, Analysis is Standard For Success’s Early Learning Program Assessment Tool. Delivered in partnership with AASA, our ELPAT© tool is designed to be utilized as a site-dependent assessment that can be compared within the district or Early Learning cohort. 

Teacher Evaluation

Standard For Success’s flagship Teacher Evaluation software provides a single portal to record, document and gather observations throughout the evaluation process. Everything—notes, photos and videos—can be accessed in real-time.

Graduation Pathways

Created specifically for busy Administrators and Guidance Counselors, our Pathways tracking tool allows administrators and counselors to create, track and analyze graduation pathways to build an educated, talented workforce for the future.

Higher Ed Accreditation

Our Accreditation management software provides a solution for Higher Ed administrators that takes all the data you are collecting and curates it, so you can take informed action on key opportunities today – and not only during your accreditation reviews.

Standard For Success delivers
Empirical Performance Data

Whether it is for teacher evaluation, graduation pathways, early learning program assessment, or accreditation for higher ed,

empirical data is at the core of every Standard For Success solution.

Our approach to empirical performance data was featured on PBS stations on Laurence Fishburne’s The Information Matrix:

Award-Winning Software and Service

Standard For Success is the industry-standard in education software and services.

Standard For Success Professional Services


Our team of experienced administrators can provide assistance in data analysis to current school administrators.  Our experts have real-world experience and a wealth of knowledge of leadership theory.


Standard For Success can facilitate an educator’s development by providing specific guidance on instructional practices.  Coaching sessions can occur through co-teaching in a classroom, or via one-on-one meetings. 


Standard For Success Professional Development services help schools stretch their budgets further by providing a more affordable alternative to off-site training, while also serving as a valuable resource for in-service days.


Our experienced, certified evaluators assist directly with observations and evaluations, providing a broader perspective and allowing busy administrators to focus on the day-to-day management of a school or district.

Built by educators,
for educators.

Get the tools and support you need to build better teachers, better students, and a better world.

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