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Here at SFS Accreditation our development of new features and enhancements continues to be driven by our client’s suggestions.   We’re proud to be able to highlight some of our newest features for you.

Field Experience Tracking

We’ve added optional sections for Technology and Collaboration within our Field Experience hours entry.  These options allow you to tie an actual field experience directly to the technology used and/or to indicate the collaboration involved.  The options are customizable based upon the needs of each client.  

SFS Accreditation

Data entered into the field experiences is then aggregated into comprehensive reports that can provide proof of use throughout the program for both tracking and accreditation purposes.

Form Virtual Signatures

All completed forms can now optionally require virtual signatures.  There is no limit on the number of signatures that can be required.  The signatures can also be restricted to a hierarchical order of entry, where necessary.

SFS Accreditation Signatures

Praxis Export/Import

Our previous Praxis imports stored the category ‘earned’ values for each assessment subset.  We will now also be importing and storing the category ‘available’ values so that we can pull those values into assessment reports and displays.  Since Praxis category ‘available’ values vary greatly, this should be a valuable addition in terms of understanding the Praxis scores, and aggregating that data in a more meaningful and useful manner.

Analytic Reports

 Our Comparison Analytic Reports (Evaluators – Inter-rater Reliability, Departments, Groups) now all have date range entries for both Evaluation Period End and Scores Entered.  This provides a more precise way to drill down to the data you wish to see. A Contract selection is now also available for those institutions that utilize our Contract/Degree Auditing feature.

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