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1. Your Administrators have all the time in the world to do teacher evaluations AND lead the school.

Teacher evaluation software allows administrators to walk into a classroom and quickly and easily gather observation data. No need to take notes and then turn the notes into the observations.

It allows for timely feedback and more open communication with the teachers. One Standard For Success Administrator has said that automating the evaluation process has saved them 3-4 hours per evaluation. While that might not seem like a lot, but when you consider the average administrator has between 20 and 30 evaluations to do during a school year, that quickly adds up.

No administrator is going to say that saving between 60 and 80 hours a year on evaluations is not worth it.

2. Evaluation transparency is not a priority.

The evaluation framework and steps are there for the teachers.

They are able to see data instantly as soon as it is released to them. This can help with dialogue with the administrator and help improve their teaching practice as they go – which is the point of all this.

They are able to add documents that support their teaching that administrators might not always see. They have easy access to all of the evaluation documents that are used throughout the year.

Ultimately, there are no surprises at the end of the year.

3. Your Human Resources Department LOVES to spend time pouring over the evaluation data.

All that data that is entered into the system can be easily accessed; this includes data that is needed by your HR Department.

Reports can be run for data needed by the state instead of going over all of the evaluations and documenting individually.

Many other types of reports can be run to help with keep track of teachers, other staff and administrators in a district.

Also, the data is easily accessible if ever needed. One district was FOIA’D for all of their evaluation information for all of their teachers for the previous 3 school years.

It only took a couple of hours to gather that material, instead of days that they said it would have taken them.

4. Your school district has WAY more money than it needs.

Automating the process will save you money in the long run.

As was stated before, there will be less time spent by everyone:

  • Administrators will spend less time on evaluations, allowing them to spend time elsewhere.
  • Teachers can spend more time focusing on teaching, instead of the evaluation process, since it is automated.
  • Your HR Department will spend less time going through the evaluation documents at the end of the year and running reports.

Those are all time savings, but what is often forgotten is some of the other savings. You can save all of the documents online. No need to make hard copies of each evaluation, so the amount of paper used is less. No need to make copies, so less toner is used and less copies used for your copy machine. Might not seem like much, but over time – and across the scale of an entire district – it all adds up, quickly.

5. Your Curriculum Department loves spending DAYS going over the evaluation process to figure out Professional Develop needs.

Automating the process offers Curriculum Directors the ability to quickly create metric reports.

Reports can be run to show the average score for each element/indicator by building, across the entire district, or by individual teacher.

Professional Development can then be tailored according to the results, relating it directly to where the reports show a need for additional support.

Not having to aggregate all this data by hand, will make your curriculum department very happy – as well as your teachers and administrators.

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