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5D Plus Rubric

Standard For Success is happy to be able to offer CEL’s 5D+ Instructional rubric as one of Standard For Success’s frameworks. The Center For Educational Leadership, which is a non-profit service arm of the University of Washington’s College of Education, created the framework as a growth-oriented tool for improving instruction. 

The framework is derived from the 5 core elements that make up quality instruction: 

  1. Purpose: Setting a clear, meaningful course for student learning.
  2. Student Engagement:Encouraging substantive, intellectual thinking. 
  3. Curriculum and Pedagogy: Ensuring that instruction challenges and supports all students. 
  4. Assessment for Student Learning: Using ongoing assessment to shape and individualize instruction.
  5. Classroom Environment and Culture: Creating classrooms that maximize opportunities for learning and engagement.

These 5 core elements are then divided into 13 sub-dimensions.  The rubric consists of 30 indicators of teacher performance with learning target(s) connected to the standards. The performance levels within each indicator are used to determine teacher effectiveness of practice. The language describing each performance level assures clarity, avoids risk of a teacher being rated more than once for each similar teaching behavior, and to assure that each indicator evaluates only one aspect of teaching practice.  

The Center For Educational Leadership believes that the framework is an evaluation system that will lead to better practice by teachers, which will result in greater learning for all students which fits perfectly with Standard For Success’s goal to help teachers improve their classroom practices, ultimately resulting in greater student success! 

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