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SFS’s Dr. Dianna Whitlock speaks with Dr. Kelly Andrews, Director of the Indiana Principal Leadership Institute, about her experience with Standard for Success and how it helped her teachers and students grow. Dr. Andrews and her school at the time began their journey with SFS during our second year and couldn’t be happier with the results!

Of the program, Dr. Andrews says that SFS made a difference in allowing administrators to be a part of the teacher evaluation process, which allowed the school to move to the digital sphere. After Dr. Andrews retired and moved to a different school in Florida, she was able to use the SFS online software and apply it to her new school’s own rubric to give immediate feedback to the teachers that allowed them to understand and grow their practice.

Of the immediate feedback given, Dr. Andrews explains that it created a tremendous opportunity for teachers to participate in their own evaluation. After teacher evaluations became annual as common practice in 2012 (in Indiana), SFS helped the evaluation process become more efficient: “An annual evaluation doesn’t have to be cumbersome, and with SFS, we’ve been able to take that process and streamline it” so that administrators can get more involved in the classroom and work with teachers on their engagement and help them grow their practice.

Dr. Andrews also points out that SFS has allowed her schools to have their own customized evaluations and rubrics for every position that needs to be evaluated, such as transportation, food services, technology, and even student services support. “It allows them to customize it to their job description so that the rubric is job-friendly and allows teachers and support staff to know exactly what they’re being held accountable to.”


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