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SFS’s Dr. Dianna Whitlock talks with Jayne Ellspermann, 2015 NASSP National Principal of the Year, about student improvement in the classroom. Much of Ellspermann’s work revolves around positively interacting with students and avoiding punitive measures, much like SFS aims to take punitive measures out of the teacher evaluation process to make it a positive growth experience.

Ellspermann says that when interacting with any person, to get the best out of them, we must have a way of letting them know where they are so we can help them be a part of the journey to get to an improved destination. She says that working in a school means always asking, “How can improve the performance of the people that are in our buildings?”

In working with students, Ellspermann says she is always looking for how their performance can be improved. She imparts that the first step is to recognize what they need help with, and to be very forthright about letting people know the areas that they need support in, so we can then lead them along their journey to improvement—much like the mission of Standard For Success in supporting teachers along their growth process.

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