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Accreditation Enhancements

Here at SFS Accreditation we take a keen interest in suggestions from our clients. They allow us to continue to generate the new features and enhancements that are most important to our higher education institutions. We’re proud to be able to highlight some of our newest features for you.

Onboarding Process

We have a new Onboarding process implemented that allows our new clients to virtually walk through each Onboarding step at their own pace. Uploading documents and import templates directly into our system eliminates security risks encountered when sharing documents via email. Built in communication enables our support team to provide information and guidance along the way.

Microsoft Azure SAML SSO

We now offer Azure Single Sign On as an alternative authentication method, which allows users to login to SFS using their Azure credentials.

Praxis Export/Import

Many of our institutions rely on Praxis for their basic skills and licensure assessments. Our clients can now export historic data from Praxis and import it directly into SFS. The results are displayed in numerous reports, checklists, and page displays throughout our system.


Another security based feature we’ve put in place recently is our SFTP option for transferring files to SFS in an encrypted manner via the SSH protocol. Institutions are able to automate the student and grade import and update process utilizing this method. Files are transferred to a single tenant access point, and are then auto-imported into SFS.

New Menu

Our new menu is now in place! We love the clean look of the new menu, but more importantly the new design is based upon the W3C Accessibility Standards to allow easier access to those with disabilities. There are more design changes in the works for other areas of our site….stay tuned!

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