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Last year, Adobe announced it abandoned its formal review process in favor of check-ins, described as “an informal series of ongoing conversations between employees and managers focused on setting expectations/goals; getting and giving feedback; and discussing growth and development.”

Adobe’s approach, which we see gaining ground among forward-thinking organizations, fosters fluid feedback that’s both more timely and useful.

Here’s how Adobe employees describe it:

“Check-in takes the old performance review that people would try to cram in at the end of the year… and instead spreads that out so that’s it’s more of an ongoing conversation.”

Kevin Laughlin, Worldwide Field Operations

“Because you’re in the moment and you’re talking about things that are relevant and appropriate right then and there, you have an opportunity to have a much more honest, candid conversation.”

Eric Cox, Worldwide Field Operations

“We’re changing at a very fast pace. We’re running a program that’s about cultural evolution and we need to respond to that very quickly… If you check in as you go along the way, you get to see your progress, and that builds some momentum to coach us one step further, and one step further, until that goal is achieved.”

Toni Vanwinkle, Information Technology

“My career is mine. No one else cares more about my career than me.”

David Sliwa, Digital Marketing

Want more? Hear it straight from employee’s mouths:

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