We are pleased to introduce a systemic, research-based tool designed to offer direction in best practices in Early Learning.

Analysis is Standard For Success’ Early Learning Program Assessment Tool. 

Delivered in partnership with the national School Superintendent’s Association, our ELPAT© tool is designed to be utilized as a site-dependent assessment that can be compared within the district or Early Learning cohort by like demographic programs. 

The SFS Early Learning Program Assessment Tool (ELPAT©) was created by Edward Manuszak, AASA Early Learning Cohort co-Chair and Superintendent in Dundee, MI. 

This tool is a comprehensive and universal way for school leaders to get a quick snapshot of how effective their Early Learning programs are for students and families. 

The assessment is broken into a superintendent/district survey & 4 distinct program age groups with standards that include instructional practice (engaged play, literacy & language, language development, math, & science, social studies), family & community engagement/outreach, professional development,  social/emotional development, curriculum & resources, learning environment, developmental assessments, and health & wellness development.

Assessment standards include …

Instructional Practice

Family and Community Engagement

Engaged Play

Professional Development

Curriculum and Resources

Learning Environment

Developmental Assessments

Health & Wellness Development

Social / Emotional Development

Ready to learn where your program stands?

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