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This week, we feature a guest blog post from Al Remaly. Al is a long time Standard For Success user who utilizes SFS’s analytics to drive professional development as a practicing administrator. 

Analytics to Drive Professional Development

I have been using Standard For Success for two years and the option to look at the analytics of my observations has proven to be extremely useful. This is not an option I look at on a regular basis, but as I am planning my professional development for next month or next year, it provides data to help me focus on and improve in the areas where my teachers struggle the most. I looked recently at the data collected over the past two years and noticed that “Check for Understanding” at the Effective level was marked frequently. However, at the Highly Effective level, there were a very low number of marks. Using this information, my beginning of the year and ongoing professional development will focus on skills that my teachers need to “Check for Understanding” at the Highly Effective level.

Another source of data that I use with my assistant principal shows how consistent we are in rating our teachers. Inter-rater reliability is extremely important to me, my assistant, and my staff. The easily accessible data in Standard For Success allows us to have discussions over each indicator to ensure we are rating our teachers in a similar manner.

Al Remaly has been a middle and high school principal for 18 years in rural, urban, and suburban districts throughout Indiana. He has received recognition as a district principal of the year.  In addition, he has served as President of the Indiana Association of School Principals.

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