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It hit me hard today…the first time in 45 years that I hadn’t prepared for a first day of school.  No pictures of young ones with backpacks in front of the fireplace, no waiting for the bus, no preparation for little ones to walk through my classroom door.

You see for all of these years, I have been preparing for back to school either as a student, teacher, parent, or some combination of these.  With my youngest child graduating from high school last May, the first day of school doesn’t hold the same level of anticipation and excitement as it did for so many years.  Now the college drop off in a few weeks, that will be a different story!

Instead I spent the evening, which was the first day of public school in our small town, reflecting upon what I DID do during the day. I am fortunate enough to have spent the day in a school district, training new administrators in the evaluation process.  This is a new training offered by Standard For Success.  In numerous locations this summer, we have brought together new administrators seeking knowledge of the teacher evaluation process. What has made these training sessions unique is that we have also had some schools bring their entire administrative teams to “refresh” and improve at the craft of giving meaningful feedback as part of the teacher and principal evaluation process. This provides a perfect blend of experienced professionals and enthusiastic beginners, which is the ideal combination for rich conversation and maximum professional growth.

So while there are no class rules requiring parent signatures, last minute supplies to buy, or lunches to pack, I have to say that I am excited for the new school year to be underway.  The opportunity to guide my colleagues in a process that impacts so many educators is a blessing, to say the least.

For more information on how Standard For Success can assist your school district, click here. To register for one of our new evaluator trainings, click here or contact for training customized to your school district’s needs.

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