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Standard For Success has become a leading provider in teacher evaluation software.  But how does today’s busy administrator take those next steps toward utilizing the collected data to drive professional development, improve classroom instruction, and ultimately increase student achievement in their school?

Administrative Support

Fortunately, SFS has experience in guiding this process as well. Let our team of veteran educators assist you in analyzing your teacher evaluation data to determine the instructional framework and areas of targeted professional development needed in your school. Our consultants will not only help identify these areas of need holistically, but can identify actionable feedback and areas of needed growth and development for individual teachers.

Once these areas are identified, we will provide professional development for your school as a whole, or a mentor or coach for an individual teacher or administrator.  Additionally, using research based instructional strategies, our team will build a plan including SMART goals for supporting those in your school in improving their delivery of instruction.  This not only helps teachers enrich their craft, but can be a game changer in terms of improved instruction for your students.

Teacher Mentoring

Standard For Success can facilitate an educator’s development by providing specific guidance on instructional practices.  Mentoring sessions to improve classroom instruction can occur through co-teaching in a classroom, or through one on one meetings with teachers. Systematically provided data and feedback drive sessions to improve performance and instructional strategies, ultimately leading to increased student achievement. Mentoring is particularly useful in guiding and supporting beginning or struggling teachers.

A recent study outlines the benefits of instructional coaching on classroom instruction.  Analyzing teacher programs, researchers found that classroom instruction was positively impacted and student achievement reflected smaller positive effects when a coach was utilized (Kraft, Blazar, & Hogan; in press).

At Standard For Success, our team of experienced administrators can provide assistance in data analysis to current school administrators.  Our experts have experience in both rural and urban education, as well as a wealth of knowledge of leadership theory.  This allows the busy school administrator an opportunity for assistance in analyzing teacher performance data and designing targeted professional development for staff improvement and growth, with the end goal of improving classroom instruction.



Kraft, M.A., Blazar, D., Hogan, D. (in press). The effect of teaching coaching on instruction and achievement: A meta-analysis of the causal evidence. Review of Educational Research.

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