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No matter the industry, employees want to know how they’re doing. Statistics back this up. It turns out that effective teacher evaluations could be the key to increased employee retention, a more engaged staff, and improvements in overall performance.

Take a look at just a few of the statistics that stress the importance of employee evaluations:

  • 65 percent of employees said they want more feedback
  • Companies that gave regular employee reviews experienced 14.9 percent lower turnover rates than companies that didn’t
  • 98 percent of employees will fail to be engaged when managers give little or no feedback

Better teacher evaluations for better performance

Now, it’s time to explore the ways that you can improve the teacher evaluation process. Here are 5 things to consider when setting out to upgrade these performance reviews.

1. Conduct reviews regularly. If employees want more feedback, give it to them. According to a news report in Business News Daily, regular feedback is a key to improved performance. The CEO of Accenture, Pierre Nanterme, said “People want to know on an ongoing basis, ‘Am I doing right? Am I moving in the right direction? Do you think I’m progressing?’ Nobody’s going to wait for an annual cycle to get that feedback.”

2. Use technology. Of course, giving more feedback is easier said than done — unless you change the laborious paper process of traditional reviews. Use technology that allows you to quickly capture the details related to the performance review, including feedback, areas that require improvement, and training recommendations. Employee engagement apps allow reviewers to give real-time updates on a regular basis.

3. Clearly communicate your intent. According to numerous employees, they want feedback but they are anxious about the whole performance review process — especially Millennials, according to a survey.

4. Recognize high performers. Point out the positive attributes of your teachers — whether individually or in front of their peers. Nearly 80 percent of employees say they are more motivated in their jobs when they are recognized. Think of various ways to recognize teachers, whether through school communications, announcements at assemblies, bonuses, or gift certificates.

5. Be specific in reviews. When conducting reviews, make sure you’re giving details on concrete aspects of the employee’s work, including leadership, mentoring, creative thinking, self-development, professionalism, and student progress and test scores, according to your school district’s requirements.

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