Students to Evaluate Teachers as Part of New DC School Initiatives

You’ve likely heard of 360-degree feedback being used as part of employee evaluations. Your boss, your direct reports and, in some cases, your peers give you feedback on how you’re performing in your role. While it’s commonplace among some corporations,...
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Still striving to reach a consensus on teacher evaluations

It’s been seven years since Race to the Top was approved to reform America’s educational system, with teacher evaluations being a major part of those reforms. And since then, numerous programs have been implemented to take on that challenge — many...
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Using student test scores to evaluate teachers: Is it time for a change?

Now that the standard of using student scores to grade teachers has surpassed the 15-year mark, educational experts once again are analyzing teacher evaluations to determine if they are due for another overhaul. While it appears that using student scores...
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Life Beyond the Classroom: Evaluations for the Future

The question of how to best evaluate teachers has as many different answers as the number of people you ask, but it almost always becomes muddied by the very structure of the scholastic environment. We have standardized testing to contend with, tenure...
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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and Teacher Evaluations

While the pros and cons of The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) signed by President Obama last month are still being debated, ESSA’s passage is certain to have major implications for teacher evaluation systems across the country. No longer will the...
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