Scientists Show That Incentives Hurt Performance: So What Does Motivate Employees?

Traditionally, companies seek to motivate employees through rewards like money, awards, gifts, time off, or a cheesy holiday party. Studies show that not only is this technique failing to provide the intended motivation, it’s also worsening performance...
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The New Workplace: Your Employees Are Now in Charge

Ask your peers or take a read at industry publications, and you’ll notice a growing, unwavering trend: a dramatic shortage of skilled workers who won’t tolerate jobs where they aren’t challenged, valued and fulfilled. Try to curb their voice or...
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Employee Turnover is Top Concern for HR Professionals

Last week, we were able to attend the 2015 Annual HR Indiana Conference in Indianapolis. We had a great time speaking to a variety of HR professionals and learning about their performance review challenges and programs. We gathered helpful and interesting...
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3 Technologies for Delivering On-Demand, Targeted Professional Growth Development

We recently had a guest blog post published on Ed Tech Round Up about identifying and delivering on-demand, targeted professional growth development with education technology. As traditional education evolves, it’s important for the tools educators...
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