Conduct Employee Performance Evaluations that Engage Teachers

Teacher evaluations are considered an essential component of your management duties. However, the time invested in the process could be useless if employees aren’t responding to the feedback you’re giving. Ensure that your teachers are more receptive...
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How to Conduct More Effective Employee Performance Reviews in 2017

Discussions about what makes a teacher’s performance review effective don’t seem to be slowing down. The same can be said for employee evaluations in other industries. While we may never come to an agreement about the perfect system for providing...
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Traits of Effective Teacher Evaluations Everyone Should be Able to Agree On

In the quest to develop and revamp your teacher evaluations, don’t lose sight of the qualities that make the process incredibly effective tools in encouraging improved employee performance. While schools systems may be tempted to dump traditional employee...
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The Case for Changing the Performance Review Process

In the grand scheme of things, performance reviews are a good thing. They offer you an opportunity to connect with your teachers, give constructive feedback, and map out a strategy for personal growth. At least, that was the original intent. The problems...
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