Bill Gates: Teachers Need Real Feedback

Clear, systematic feedback is crucial to growth, says Microsoft Founder and Philanthropist Bill Gates. The trouble, says Gates, is that people with one of the most important jobs in the world — teachers — aren’t getting it. “When Melinda and...
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Danielson Framework for Teaching: An Evidence-Based Yardstick for Success

You can’t measure success without a clear picture and understanding of what it looks like. Nor if it’s a moving target, changing without warning or meaning different things to different people. How do we define success in the classroom? Is it raising...
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6 Responses to “What Motivates Teachers?”

A few posts ago, we wrote about the mounting research pointing to intrinsic values (like autonomy, mastery and purpose) as true drivers of employee engagement and performance. Those same studies found extrinsic motivators (like money, awards, gifts and...
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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

What does it look like to have an employee evaluation program that actually improves employee engagement and performance, without wasting time, resources, and alienating your staff? This week, we begin a short series of posts looking at essential features...
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Evaluating Your Employee Evaluations: Why Traditional Methods Aren’t Working

A whopping 86% of you are not happy with your current employee evaluation practices, says industry research firm CEB. And yet, only 3% of organizations are doing anything of substance about it. The rest are tinkering on the surface, tweaking things...
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