3 Steps to Developing a Successful Teacher Evaluation Process

Looking to develop a successful teacher evaluation process that results in teacher’s further developing and refining their craft and student’s engagement in learning increased? This process can be developed by following these three steps...
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11 Ways to Make Teacher Evaluations More Meaningful and Less Stressful

The additional workload, the judgement, being put on the spot and held accountable . . . all of these things are stressors not just to teachers, but to any working professional. Here are some suggestions on how the evaluator can lower stress while making...
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Designing the plane while flying it: Mentorship & Coaching

We have all seen posts and memes where the teachers are "designing the airplane as they are flying it". This is not at all a new concept. We have master teachers and administrators that design instruction, classroom leadership, building leadership, and...
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Learning From What DOESN’T Work in Teacher Evaluations

What have we learned about educator effectiveness evaluations since 2011?
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