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11 Ways to Make Teacher Evaluations More Meaningful and Less Stressful

The additional workload, the judgement, being put on the spot and held accountable . . . all of these things are stressors not just to teachers, but to any working professional. Here are some suggestions on how the evaluator can lower stress while making...
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Learning From What DOESN’T Work in Teacher Evaluations

What have we learned about educator effectiveness evaluations since 2011?
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Ask Me Anything: 6 Answers to Your Questions About Teacher Evaluations.

The most effective method for evaluating a teacher is dual, mutual involvement and ongoing collaboration in the evaluation process.
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4 Changes That Will Make a Difference With Your Teacher Evaluation Process

en it comes to teacher evaluations the same self-assessing should be done yearly. There are many changes that can be done that will improve the teacher evaluation process and enable the process to be more beneficial to all involved. Some of these changes...
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Teacher Evaluation Explained in 140 Characters or Less.

Short attention span? Ok. Here it is – teacher evaluation in 140 characters: Observe → Document → Assess → *Feedback* → *Consult* → *Apply PD* → *Modify* → Track → Rinse & Repeat for Improvement *Most Important Steps #TeacherEvaluation...
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