Employee Performance

Monitoring employees without micromanaging (or stalking) them

It’s no news that most U.S. workers aren’t engaged in their jobs. A simple Google search will spit out an abundance of studies, statistics and analysis on the matter. But you already know that. You’re here, after all. You’re also likely aware...
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How to Give Feedback That Doesn’t Backfire

Feedback can be painful and thoroughly unproductive for those on the receiving end, even when given with the best intentions. In fact, people only apply the feedback they receive about 30% of the time, according to Columbia University neuroscientist Kevin...
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Adobe Replaces Annual Reviews With Informal Check-Ins

Last year, Adobe announced it abandoned its formal review process in favor of check-ins, described as “an informal series of ongoing conversations between employees and managers focused on setting expectations/goals; getting and giving feedback; and...
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How Your Brain Responds to Performance Rankings

It turns out the human brain hates performance rankings. Adverse reactions to numerical rankings and rating scales are wired deep into our neurological structure, doing more harm than good to your organization. Research finds they lead to: high levels...
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Top Employee Engagement Tips From Organizational Psychologists

What does employee engagement, its dynamics and triggers, look like from the viewpoint of 6,000 organizational psychologists? And, more importantly, what can managers learn from it? First off, let’s agree on what engagement means. A recent white paper...
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