Employee Performance

The New Workplace: Your Employees Are Now in Charge

Ask your peers or take a read at industry publications, and you’ll notice a growing, unwavering trend: a dramatic shortage of skilled workers who won’t tolerate jobs where they aren’t challenged, valued and fulfilled. Try to curb their voice or...
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Three Overlooked Signs of a Disengaged Employee

Employee engagement is a big deal, both for a fruitful work environment and a company’s financial health. Many managers believe they have employee engagement under control, but dents in morale and performance reveal otherwise. Some signs of disengagement...
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Visit SFS at These Upcoming Conferences

This fall is going to be busy for Standard For Success, and we’d love to meet and discuss all of your employee evaluation needs at upcoming conferences. We will be attending the following events in 2015: ISBA/IAPSS Fall Conference September 28, 2015...
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Monitoring employees without micromanaging (or stalking) them

It’s no news that most U.S. workers aren’t engaged in their jobs. A simple Google search will spit out an abundance of studies, statistics and analysis on the matter. But you already know that. You’re here, after all. You’re also likely aware...
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How to Give Feedback That Doesn’t Backfire

Feedback can be painful and thoroughly unproductive for those on the receiving end, even when given with the best intentions. In fact, people only apply the feedback they receive about 30% of the time, according to Columbia University neuroscientist Kevin...
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