Higher Education Accreditation

Feedback to Teacher Candidates

Teachers who receive frequent, targeted feedback are more likely to stay in the profession and in the same school. Teacher candidates are no different.
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Feedback for Millennials—Changing the Focus

Millennials desire coaches rather than bosses, therefore we must increase the quantity and quality of feedback given to these individuals.
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What Will Be the New Normal?

Will our new normal be our old way of doing things, a new way of doing things, or something in between? No one knows for sure, but in reference to the world of education, we can count on a few things being be a part of our new normal.
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Need Help Tracking Higher Ed Completion Requirements?

As colleges and universities move to an online instructional platform, instructors have been forced to quickly adjust their methodology to this new medium, many for the first time ever. Yet another challenge is staying connected to their students, who...
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