Professional Growth Plan

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

What does it look like to have an employee evaluation program that actually improves employee engagement and performance, without wasting time, resources, and alienating your staff? This week, we begin a short series of posts looking at essential features...
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When Incentives Harm Performance: What Scientists Know That Managers Don’t

The way most managers reward employees is all wrong and harming their organizations, says Dan Pink, author and behavioral expert, during a TED talk on the puzzle of motivation. And he has a slew of social science experiments to back up his claims. Traditionally,...
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Harvard Business Review: Employee Performance Management is Broken

The old, tired methods of employee performance management are broken. Astute organizations are taking note and doing something about it. That shift is a topic of the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review, in a piece penned by employee engagement...
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The History of Performance Reviews and the Future of Employee Evaluations

For years, employees have always grimaced at the thought of yearly performance reviews. We are judged for a year’s worth of work in a one-hour sitting, where we receive feedback based on what was documented or remembered by our manager. Seems kind of...
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Standard For Success named one of “20 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers” by CIO Review Magazine

Standard For Success named one of the “20 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers” by CIO Review Magazine This award is shared with all our employees and customers that work very hard...
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