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Teacher Evaluations: The Conversation Has Changed

Teachers across the nation are being transformed into instructional leaders, in part due to the new evaluation methods being put into effect in multiple schools and districts. In the past three years many states have made changes to their teacher evaluation...
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How to Grow, Engage & Retain Teachers [White Paper]

How do you grow teachers without burning them out? And how do you retain quality educators when they’re jumping ship in record numbers? We don’t have to tell you schools have never experienced a teacher shortage like this before. But how do you stop...
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Providing Meaningful Evaluation for the Education Sector

Technology adoption is enabling the education sector to embrace new ways of effective learning. However, ‘effective learning’ doesn’t purely rely on these new technologies; it depends on the teacher’s ability to adequately use them. Evaluating...
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Ten Ways the Evaluation Conversation in Indiana has Changed

Conversations regarding the new evaluation process in Indiana have changed dramatically over the past few years. Recently, a group of 4 educators met at a local diner in small town Indiana to discuss the changes and enjoy breakfast. Laura Burpo (Oatmeal...
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Employee Performance Not so Great? How to Give a Negative Employee Review

For managers and employees alike, performance reviews aren’t typically at the top of the list of things they like about their jobs – especially when they involve negative feedback about the employee’s performance. According to a recent report, some...
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