Teacher Evaluation

Standard for Success Featured on Information Matrix

“Advancing Education Through Innovation & Technology” This Information Matrix episode explores how technology is changing schools and improving efficiency as the Millennial generation enters the teaching force. As our economy shifts and...
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What Will the Classroom Look Like a Year From Now?

No one can fully predict what the future holds, but considering and planning for its best impact has never been a bad thing.
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Formative Assessment: Involving Leadership

While test scores and other forms of student data abound in our schools, we need to take the next step as classroom teachers to analyze this data and utilize it to drive daily instruction.
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11 Ways to Make Teacher Evaluations More Meaningful and Less Stressful

The additional workload, the judgement, being put on the spot and held accountable . . . all of these things are stressors not just to teachers, but to any working professional. Here are some suggestions on how the evaluator can lower stress while making...
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Designing the plane while flying it: Mentorship & Coaching

We have all seen posts and memes where the teachers are "designing the airplane as they are flying it". This is not at all a new concept. We have master teachers and administrators that design instruction, classroom leadership, building leadership, and...
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