11 Ways to Make Teacher Evaluations More Meaningful and Less Stressful

The additional workload, the judgement, being put on the spot and held accountable . . . all of these things are stressors not just to teachers, but to any working professional. Here are some suggestions on how the evaluator can lower stress while making...
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Teacher Evaluation Explained in 140 Characters or Less.

Short attention span? Ok. Here it is – teacher evaluation in 140 characters: Observe → Document → Assess → *Feedback* → *Consult* → *Apply PD* → *Modify* → Track → Rinse & Repeat for Improvement *Most Important Steps #TeacherEvaluation...
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Teacher Evaluation Software and Classroom Walkthroughs to Improve Instruction

Looking back at our SFS teacher evaluation software and the original idea of creating an app to do classroom walkthroughs, it is amazing to see the features and changes those in the education field have requested. At Standard For Success, providing a...
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