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Since the beginning of the school year, our SFS administrators have been busy starting the evaluation process for school educators – observations, walk-throughs, goal setting, etc. But what about all of the other staff members, the classified (non-certified) employees? Adding classified staff evaluation ensures that all staff go through the appropriate evaluation process and can guarantee the effectiveness of all district employees. Standard for Success can help make evaluations meaningful, not just for certified, but for classified (non-teaching), as well.

SFS can take the process thus far used for classified staff members and automate it for both an evaluative process and a communication tool. The SFS system supports regular performance feedback, self-evaluation, employee recognition, and documentation of employee progress. Communication of desired outcomes of job performance and measurement remains essential to this process. This process can also communicate the desired outcomes for outputs needed from each employee’s job and defines how they will be measured.

Employee Involvement

Standard for Success helps to eliminate the guesswork regarding job performance. Through the online system, employees remain actively involved in understanding the requirements of their jobs. Employees can complete self evaluations to assess their awareness of job performance. Through SFS, employees add artifacts to show goals accomplished and contributions made during the year.

Another plus of using SFS for the classified staff is that the information is available to the employee at all times. Transparency of the system allows for customization to the district need. SFS analytics allow the administration to quickly see areas of need and where training might be helpful for that classified employee. The SFS system also allows the Human Resource department to track the employee’s evaluations and avoid someone being missed in the evaluation process.

Putting classified staff evaluation in the SFS system is cost effective and a time saver for district administrators, and staff members know where they are at all times in the evaluation process.

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Tammy Brothers, SFS Director of Sales and Training, joined SFS after having spent 15 years teaching and 21 years as Director of Professional Development and Student Programs at an Educational Service Center. Tammy has her undergraduate degree from Indiana State University and a Master’s of Education from DePauw University, and is a certified evaluation trainer and teacher evaluator.

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