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Looking back at our SFS teacher evaluation software and the original idea of creating an app to do classroom walkthroughs, it is amazing to see the features and changes those in the education field have requested.

At Standard For Success, providing a solution that includes a robust cloud-based custom teacher evaluation and principal evaluation system, along with a classroom walkthrough tool, is considered the norm. However, we didn’t realize is that it is the exception. Therefore, if you are trying to fit your evaluation model into a software platform or classroom walkthrough software, you have options.

Transforming the classroom walkthrough to a functional, powerful feedback mechanism just got easier. As a result, vendor’s forms or a single walkthrough tool are no longer your only choices for your school or district. SFS allows you to assign multiple walkthrough tools to a staff member and complete them all in our iOS or Android app or via the live web interface.

Multiple Classroom Walkthroughs

School can track local initiatives, such as a guided reading program or digital learning initiative. Those that don’t want it to be part of the formal teacher evaluation process – can do it within Standard For Success. Maybe you have a different classroom walkthrough form for your elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools – you can do it with Standard For Success. Principal magazine describes classroom walkthroughs as a tool to “drive a cycle of continuous improvement by focusing on the effects of instruction” (Cervone and Martinez-Miller, 2007, as cited by Protheroe, 2009, p. 30). The power of classroom walkthroughs comes from being able to see reports and analytics to drive school improvement. Consequently, reporting features built around the collection of this data is essential to drive improvement.

Standard For Success – Total Solution

Therefore, as schools keep demanding more ways to collect and analyze data to drive employee and student growth, we will continue to deliver. Learning more about our fully functional teacher evaluation software and walkthrough tool is easy, click here.

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