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As CEO of Standard For Success I have had the chance to work with over 70 school districts around the country as they implement some form of teacher and administrator evaluation system.  It has become clear Standard For Success can provide a user-friendly tool to collect data, report and manage data, and give the schools a platform for transparency in the process.todd2

During the 2012-13 school year administrators and evaluators marked over 1 million indicators on their assigned rubric as evidence to what was happening in the classroom.  During the first 3 months of this school year they have already marked over 500,000 indicators.  Schools are collecting data on what is happening in the classrooms.  We now must use that data to impact learning in those classrooms.

Standard For Success has worked with the Indiana Principals Association, Illinois Association of School Administrators, Illinois Principals Association, local administrators, and local bargaining units to make sure there is transparency in the process.  The tools for reporting the data is updated and real-time with district level administrators are able to see reports to monitor inter-rater reliability and consistency.  This transparency and reporting feature is allowing schools schools to get past the semantics of the  “teacher evaluation” process and to the real game changer – professional growth of the instructional leaders.

As an Educator, Co-Founder, and CEO of Standard For Success I feel blessed to be associated with a product that is helping administrators manage the ever expanding tasks placed on them daily and providing tools for all educators to grow and impact student achievement.



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