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Fay Nickel, Client Engagement Specialist, Standard For Success

When it comes to teacher evaluation frameworks, or rubrics, it can be a challenge to determine which framework is the right choice for your district. In some states, the choice has been determined by legislative action. However, more often districts maintain the ability to choose the framework that meets their needs.

Factors to Consider

One determining factor may be as straight-forward as price, but this shouldn’t be the only factor. Some additional factors to consider include:

  • Does the framework reflect what good teaching looks like?
    • The framework should provide a definition of effective practice so that it can inform, instruct and improve teaching and learning.
  • Are teachers in support of the framework? Do you have teacher “buy-in”?
    • Involving teachers in the development of a good evaluation framework and process is vital to creating the best evaluation process for your school or district.
  • Is the framework manageable?
    • How many domains/dimensions/standards will your evaluators have to use in the observation and/or summative evaluation process? How much time will it take?
  • Is automation of the framework to a software platform possible?  When evaluating a platform make sure to ask the following questions:
    • Is the platform easy to navigate and does it give you the functionality that you need? Additionally, will your administrators be able to train staff to use the software properly? Does the framework software have comprehensive customer support to aid the evaluation process?
  • Addressing student growth
    • Does the framework address student growth or will you need to come up with your own indicators or a separate way to track student growth and link it to the teacher? This is especially important now that many states have mandated student growth be used as a certain percentage of a teacher’s final evaluation rating.

In conclusion, making a clear and informed decision about which framework to use can have a lasting impact on your district’s successful implementation of an automated staff evaluation framework.  Therefore, comparing teacher evaluation frameworks—how they meet or miss your district’s needs—should be a fundamental part of your decision-making process. Standard For Success can host a variety of teacher, administrator, and specialists’ rubrics or frameworks on our system.  For more information, click here.



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