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The beginning of the pandemic in 2020 had major unexpected effects on many aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, this had a huge impact on children’s education, which moved students and educators to remote classrooms online instead of the traditional in-class school days we are all accustomed to.

Not only did it disrupt the diploma track and Graduation Pathways for many students, but the nation’s high schools saw a drop in graduation rates, even with schools in many states loosening the education standards to make accommodations to help students who were struggling with at home remote learning.

Nationwide Impacts Wreak Havoc on High School Graduation Rates

With high school graduation rates dropping in at least a quarter of the U.S. states due to the pandemic and at-home learning, educators are seeing a disruption of 20 years-worth of progress in our education system’s goal of awarding more high school diplomas.

Sadly, many are also predicting that the next several years of graduating classes will be even more affected than we have already witnessed. While the class of 2020 saw many graduation requirements waived, future grads are struggling to get back up to par with necessary, required classes on their Graduation Pathways.

How Can High School Administrators Reach Students Struggling Through the Pandemic?

Now more than ever, it is crucial for teachers and administrators to be able to reach struggling students to ensure they are successful on their diploma track and have the Graduation Pathways classes needed to complete the graduation requirements on time.

Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software is the perfect solution for administrators and course counselors to create, track, and analyze Graduation Pathways to ensure no student falls behind during the unprecedented remote learning situations all of our states’ schools have had to endure the past several years throughout the pandemic.

Not only will the popular Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software ensure you are able to efficiently work with every student and meet their career pathway goals, but you will also be able to efficiently meet the state department of education requirements of tracking graduation pathways for each high school student.

Savvy school administrators will appreciate this efficient tool that was designed specifically to help you accomplish the important task of quickly and efficiently tracking, aggregating, and reporting on Graduation Pathways for high school students.

Are You Ready to See How Standard for Success Software Can Help Your School?

Easily track and organize the student graduation requirements at your high school with Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software. Created just for high schools and the specific needs of the staff that helps them succeed, this popular software is just what you need to ensure your high school students will graduate on time and with employable skills that will make them an asset to the local workforce.

Contact us today for a FREE demo to see how Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software can help your students excel at your high school!

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