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Beginning in the school year 2023, graduating high school students in Indiana must satisfy a combination of new requirements that are associated with the Graduation Pathways options. These changes have been put in place to ensure that Indiana graduates have the education and experience needed to meet the challenges of both higher education and business, and have the ability to succeed in any type of postsecondary endeavor. These are changes that will affect each school counselor in Indiana, as well as the individual students they work with. The following information explains what will be expected and the impact this will have on school counselors.

What are the New Graduation Requirements?

Starting with the class of 2023, students must meet all three of the Graduation Pathway Requirements. According to the Indiana State Board of Education, each student must complete one of the associated Pathway Options.

  1. Each student must earn one of the following diploma options:
  • General Diploma
  • Core 40 Diploma
  • Academic Honors Diploma
  • Technical Honors Diploma
  1. Each student must learn and be able to demonstrate one of the following skills:
  • Complete a work-based learning experience
  • Complete a service-based learning experience
  • Complete a project-based learning experience
  1. Each student must demonstrate at least one of the following Postsecondary-Ready Competencies:
  • ACT: Earn the college-ready benchmark scores
  • SAT: Earn the college-ready benchmark scores
  • Honors diploma: Fulfill the requirements of either the Technical Honors or Academic Honors Diploma
  • State and Industry recognized Certification or Credential
  • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), earning a minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score in order to qualify for placement in one of the branches of the US military.
  • Career Technical Education Concentrator: Earning a C average or higher in at least six hours in career and technical education courses.
  • AP/International Baccalaureate-Dual Credit-Cambridge International courses or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams. Students must earn a C average or higher in at least three courses.
  • State, Federal, or an Industry recognized apprenticeship.
  • A locally created pathway that earns the approval of the State Board of Education by meeting all its required framework.


How Will This Affect Record Keeping for Each Counselor?

Previously, ISTEP assessments were used as the graduation qualification standard. The new Graduation Pathways system incorporates individualization, relevancy, and local flexibility. It also helps students gain the experience and skills needed to successfully enter the university system or the workforce.

All the new requirements and the different options available to meet these requirements, however, will potentially make record keeping and tracking for each student confusing and time-consuming. Each counselor and administrator will need to implement the best software possible to help manage every individual student’s path to graduation. Individualized and complex record keeping calls for a system that is both organized and time-saving.

How Can a Counselor Accurately Check Each Student’s Status?

It’s imperative to be able to easily and accurately check each student’s status on the Graduation Pathway. Standard for Success offers Graduation Pathways Software that provides tracking tools that counselors and administrators need to ensure their students meet the new graduation guidelines.

The pathways tracking tool allows administrators and counselors to create, track, and analyze graduation pathways to build an educated, talented workforce for the future. Not only is the software simple and easy to use, but it’s customizable. For example, an administrator or counselor will be able to track waiver criteria, track locally created pathways, and modify grading scales. Contact Standard for Success for more information about this amazing software.

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