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We at Standard for Success take great pride in the support that we provide our schools and customers.  What can you do when creating a support ticket that will help us help you even better?

The following items will included in you support ticket will help us help you even faster.  

  1. Create a concise subject line, so we know where to focus our thoughts.  
  2. Give a full description of what the issue is or what you need assistance with. This includes the names of individuals that accounts you are working on, what item in the evaluation process that you are working on, and what the issue is. Please be as descriptive as possible. More information is better than too little information. If you see an error message, please include that or add a screen shot of what you are seeing. If the users email address is needed, please include that. Please also know that because we customize the evaluation process for all of our districts, adding some insight to your process is helpful to us if it is a process related item.  
  3. Use our ticketing system within the system. This allows multiple eyes on the ticket and allows for the quickest response. 
  4. If you have follow up information for a ticket, please add that information in the original ticket. That way all of the needed information is all together in one place, instead of having to search for other tickets and piece the two together. 

SFS staff have all been in the educational system before we joined the Standard For Success team, so we know how a school system works at all levels and know that quick turn around on issues is very important. We strive to help you as quickly and as concise as possible. By helping us with information in the tickets, we can continue to provide that quality service that you expect and deserve.  

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