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It is a pleasure working with people that are dedicated to helping others be successful in their work.  As Standard For Success brings on staff and consultants a key factor is finding people with a passion for our mission.  Each employee must believe in what we are doing and that every email, phone call, or personal contact is important.  Our dedication to customer support is critical for schools and businesses that are relying on our tools for evaluating and managing employees, fostering employee growth, and keep employees, customers, and students safe with our evaluation, management, cyber bullying prevention, and social media monitoring tools.

We are pleased to pass on some of the recent emails we have gotten.

Tammy BrothersJeff Sigworth

From a retiring Human Resource Director

“I am most appreciative of all you’ve done to help me navigate the stormy waters of teacher evaluation.  SFS in general, and Tammy and Jeff specifically, have been a God-send to me.” #teacherevaluation #customerservice

From a building administrator

“Just a note to say thanks for your support on SFS. It has made the evaluation process so much smoother. With all the changes we have undergone in the past couple of years, this innovative technology, that you are always improving, is awesome. Thanks, Kelly” #leadership #innovation

From a supervisor

“With the number of observations and conferences that must be held by specific dates, the reminder features are a life-saver.”





Standard For Success (SFS) is a powerful, online, customizable teacher and employee evaluation system that was founded by a joint venture from EdTechZone and QuestionPress Online Classroom Response Systems founders.

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