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With E-Learning becoming the new reality in learning for our children, many parents have sounded off on social media on the new way of life and the extra role that the parents are fulfilling while their child is learning at home.

As a parent that just starting e-learning recently and as a someone who has been in the education field all my life, I can easily understand the parent’s concerns, questions, fears, and frustrations.

Schools are quickly producing plans to instruct the student’s remotely and many districts and teachers have never done distance learning before. If you are a teacher who now has to produce plans to instruct your students via e-learning, this article shares eight tips that might make the process easier and less daunting for the parents of your students.

As a parent and former teacher that has two children going through the process, these tips would be great to pass along to your parents at the start of your e-learning process.

The one tip that sticks out most is to Stay Upbeat and Positive.

This process is new for almost everyone, with all learning is taking place at home. No matter how well planned, there are going to be issues that need to be figured out.

If the parent gets frustrated, their child will feel the same frustration and that can cause more issues. We as parents, need to keep that in mind when we are working with our children so that E-Learning can be successful!!

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