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Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons in Indiana. Beautiful colors, crisp air, fall festivals, and bonfires are just a few reasons to enjoy this season of change. Add in an October birthday and fall becomes extra special for this Hoosier girl!

But as an educator, fall signals other changes besides the obvious changing of seasons and coloring of our surroundings. Earlier start dates and balanced calendars now allow several schools to enjoy a longer fall break for everyone to relax and re-energize. Fall is usually a time for parent/teacher conferences, ending of the first grading period, and a general “settling in” to the routines and habits of the new school year. As a teacher and administrator, October was one of my busiest months for these reasons.

In addition, educators face other changes at this time of year.  Especially challenging are multiple student assessments, teacher evaluation, and planning professional development activities, just to name a few.  Even the most seasoned (no pun intended) of educational professionals can find these overwhelming. This is where SFS and our educational partners can help. We offer key educational services such as external evaluators, online on-demand professional development, and analysis of evaluation data. For a full list, click here.

Finally, as I sit watching leaves fall outside my window, I am reminded of a quote I saw on social media: “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go”. Whether you are at the beginning or end of a fall break, take some time to reflect on the first quarter of your school year and the successes you have had as an educator. Celebrate what has gone well and “let go” of or refine what has not. We at SFS wish all of our schools a restful fall break and hope that you will enjoy this beautiful season.

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