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Now is the time to make sure all classified staff are being appropriately evaluated. As we all know, our classified staff impact a school’s culture just as much as our certified staff do. In fact, they may be in contact with our students just as frequently as our teachers and administrators. Certified staff are certainly an important cog in the whole school district, helping the district run effectively and making the school a great place to be and to learn.

Our non-certified staff need to be able to showcase their strengths and need to be shown areas of weakness, where improvement is needed. They need the opportunity to be coached to better accomplish their job goals. Adding classified staff evaluation ensures that all staff go through the appropriate evaluation process and can guarantee the effectiveness of all district employees. Communication of desired outcomes of job performance and measurement remains essential and can be accomplished through regular evaluations.

Through the Standard for Success Evaluation platform, the classified staff personnel may have that end-of-year evaluation or there may be assessments throughout the year, using the observation or the walk-through tool. Feedback is quick and transparent, allowing the staff member the opportunity for conversation with those observing/evaluating.

Don’t overlook the impact that the classified staff have on our schools. Standard for Success Evaluation can help administrators with a cost-effective and time-saving way to keep all evaluations in one place, but more importantly provide a tool to help with the coaching of staff to create better students, better schools and a better world.

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