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Evaluation just got even better!

Thanks so much to all our Evaluation users for your feedback! We asked you how to make Evaluation better, and based on what you told us, we’ve made several enhancements and upgrades to the software to make Evaluation easier to use than ever before. Here’s more detail on these exciting enhancements!

New Navigation Bar for ALL Required Items Associated with an Observation Module

  • Items such as the Pre-Observation Form, Pre-Observation Conference, Observation Editor, Post-Observation Form, and Post-Observation Conference will now be accessed, completed, and reviewed within the observation module by both the evaluator and evaluatee. 
  • Only those items required by a district for an observation type will be included in an observation.
  • Those items may include the Scheduler, Pre-Observation Form, Pre-Observation Conference, Observation Editor, Post-Observation Form, Post-Observation Conference, the module Review page, a dedicated Comment page, and an Observation Manager tab for the evaluator.

Evaluation Items/Checklist View

  • When an observation is started, the module will expand to display all required items. This alerts the evaluator and evaluatee that an observation has been started and displays the items needing action. 
  • This allows the evaluator and evaluatee to target their steps and show progression through the observation process.
  • The module will remain in expanded view until all items are complete and the observation is closed. Once closed the observation module will collapse and show complete

Observation Scheduler and Editor

  • After opening and scheduling the observation, pre-conference, and/or post-conference, a scheduler tab and page will be created for both evaluator and evaluate within the module listing all scheduled date and times. Evaluators can access the scheduler as needed.
  • Within the observation editor, there is also the option to set the observation to the current date/time being conducted.

Pre- and Post-Observation Forms

  • Pre-Observation Form – Evaluatee initiates the form within the observation module, automatically tying it to the selected observation. No more free-floating forms!
  • Post-Observation Form – Evaluatee initiates the form from within the observation module, tying it to the selected observation prior to the release of the observation.

Pre- and Post-Conferences

  • Pre-Conference: Evaluator sets conference to current date and time, add comments, and align to rubric. Option is given to the evaluator to release or hold comments and marks from evaluatee when saving.
  • Post-Conference: Evaluator sets conference date and time to current time being held, add comments, and align to rubric, view observation scripting and rubric marks within post-conference form, option to release or hold comments and marks from evaluatee upon saving.

Review Page and Comments

  • This page displays the cumulative overall marks or the individual marks of each observable indicator.  There are sections dedicated to view pre- and post-observation comments, observation scripting and indicator marks, as well as artifacts. 
  • Comments may be added by both the evaluator and evaluatee.

Observation Manager

  • An observer may close the observation from this view.
  • An observation timeline shows the start time of the evaluation, the evaluator, and when items were completed, sent, and viewed. The observer may also see, at-a-glance, what items are required and those that are not yet completed. 
  • If an observation is re-opened, a change log will automatically be created, documenting the time and date. The observer will document the reason for reopening. 
  • The utilities tab is the place to go to restore or repair observation scripting or access the rubric alignment assistant. This also is where to change observation types or rubrics, remove a checklist, delete an observation, or add an optional conference.