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Mr. Potter and I taught math in adjacent rooms many years ago. I moved on to teach STEM at the middle school for 14 years, retired in 2016, and have been full time with SFS since then. Mr. Potter is still in the same room teaching the same subjects – algebra, algebra II, and calculus. My oldest son had Mr. Potter for two years (Algebra II and Calc) and my middle son is currently on his second year with Mr. Potter in BC Calc.

Some would argue that doing the same thing over and over gets you in a rut… and it can. But those who are teachers know that no two years are ever the same. Even in mathematics the content can change over time. The books get revamped periodically and technology changes. But most importantly, the kids are vastly different year to year.

What impresses me the most about Mr. Potter is his ability to use his experience to his benefit and the students’ benefit. Before he gives an assignment, he knows what problems, and what aspects of those problems, the students will struggle with – and he warns them ahead of time. My son can come up and say, “I need help with problem #16” and he know pretty much what the issue is before he sets eyes on the paper. He can teach to the traditional areas of difficulty and best prepare the students for the tasks at hand. He knows how to handle brilliant kids, struggling students, under and over achievers, and everyone in between. In every sense of the word, his experience has made him a true “pro”.

Today I was helping a client and I was listening to some of their struggles with their evaluation processes. Their challenges were not unlike those of other clients that we have served over the last decade since we created SFS. As I guided these clients through their thought processes, no firm decisions were made, but I could tell my words were helping them make progress. Those carefully chosen words of mine were crafted from ten years of experience helping other districts. Experience that has helped make me a “pro” at what I do.

If your district is having struggles with your staff evaluation processes, SFS is here to help. Our team has decades of experience in virtually every aspect of school leadership and teaching, and over a decade in helping districts with staff evaluation. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


SUBMITTED: 2021-12-08T14:37:15Z
SUBMITTED BY: Alan Degener


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