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External Evaluations:  Help for the Busy Administrator

As administrators, we all strive to maintain a “kids first” philosophy when running our buildings and districts.  But sometimes, the day-to-day management tasks of a school administrator are overwhelming.  How can we build and nurture positive relationships with our staff, students, parents, and stakeholders and still check off all of the items on our “to do” lists?

Standard For Success can help with some of these.  By providing external evaluators to assist administrators in implementing teacher observations, the busy administrator will have more time not only to conduct evaluations, but to attend to other important aspects of leadership that affect the culture and climate of the building.

But the goal of our external evaluators at Standard For Success goes beyond completion of a task.  Especially in small schools with one administrator bearing the sole responsibility for employee evaluations, our certified evaluators can ensure inter-rater reliability and safeguard against bias in the evaluation process, providing a broader perspective to giving meaningful feedback to teachers.

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