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Cap and Gown on Graduation Day

Administrators and advisors are responsible for collecting and keeping track of many important tasks for each student who depends on them for guidance. These dedicated principals, advisors, and guidance counselors are actively involved in each student’s progress to ensure that they not only receive their diploma, but that they are ready and able to excel in the ever-competitive workforce upon graduation. Unfortunately storing and retrieving that important information can be more difficult than collecting the information. Standard For Success Pathways software can be used to facilitate the Graduation Pathway tracking process for everyone involved.

An essential part of this process includes gathering and reporting valuable information that assists in the organization and tracking process for these key administrators and guidance counselors. In fact, many state departments of education now require school administrators at schools to track the Graduation Pathways of their students. This means that principals and advisors need an efficient tool to help them be successful with tracking this vital information so that students have met all criteria needed to receive their diploma.

Fortunately, today’s high-tech digital world offers effective organizational and tracking platforms designed specially to help streamline the process of maintaining these vital records – making it easier than ever for those in the education sector to excel in their record-keeping efforts for Graduation Pathways.

Important Features to Look for in a Graduation Pathways Platforms

When choosing a Graduation Pathways platform to assist with facilitating the tracking process, advisors, administrators, principals, and counselors should seek software that helps them simplify the processes and enhance productivity and efficiency. An effective platform should offer a superior method for tracking, organizing, and storing data and a variety of other criteria that is essential for those that are in charge of managing Graduation Pathways and who consistently evaluate student data.

Here are some of the key features to look for in Graduation Pathways software for the education sector.

Essential Features of Graduation Pathways Platforms for the Education Industry

  • Ability to Customize – The ability to create custom reports, enter requirements for specific diplomas, satisfy state pathway requirements, and utilize other personalized features is crucial in an effective Graduation Pathway platform.
  • Include Employability Skills – Having student employability skills at your fingertips is essential to easily identify their capabilities for internships, jobs, classes, or even scholarship opportunities.
  • Ability to Upload Documentation and/or Artifacts – Easily enter, record and track student progress with the ability to search students by ID, grade, or name for simple organization via well-designed Graduation Pathway Software.
  • Assist in Reporting and Information Gathering – A Graduation Pathway Software that is easy to search, add new information, edit, and easily track progress is key to successful organization. Standard For Success helps schools effectively track and report on graduation pathways.
  • Ability to Modify Grading Scales and Requirements – The ability to track, customize, and report on Graduation Pathways and quickly edit or modify information and data is an important feature of Graduation Pathway Software.

Software like Standard For Success Pathways helps schools track, aggregate and report on graduation pathways, making the job of administrators and guidance counselors easier and more efficient and ultimately helping students be prepared for their diploma and to excel.

Why Choose Standard for Success Software

SFS Pathways Software is the perfect solution when looking for a Graduation Pathway platform. Designed with administrators and advisors in mind, this highly rated software platform and products were created to help effectively design, track, and analyze Graduation Pathways- giving educators the perfect tools to easily reach their goal of establishing and preparing the workforce of the future.

Ready to Accelerate Learning in Your School?

The SFS Pathways Software is an easy to use and completely customizable program that was created specially to help organize and manage Diploma Pathways programs. If your school’s program can benefit from more efficient progress tracking and the ability to easily share and disburse information and reports with students and faculty, Standard For Success Pathways Software may be the key to efficiently managing your school’s Graduation Pathway program.

Contact us today for a FREE DEMO to learn more about how Standard For Success can help you facilitate the graduation pathway tracking process at your school!

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