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This blog features South Vermillion Community Schools, a progressive rural school in southwestern Indiana.    South Vermillion is beginning its second year using Standard For Success as a teacher evaluation software platform to give meaningful feedback to teachers and administrators.

In addition to utilizing the software platform, South Vermillion has adopted the best practice of analyzing their evaluation processes on a regular basis.  This means that in depth analysis of evaluation practices occur periodically in administrative team meetings, and occasionally with an SFS representative present to facilitate the conversation.

One of the most regular themes of these discussions in schools is inter-rater reliability.  Not only are administrative teams ensuring multiple observations by various individuals who have been trained in the techniques of evaluation, but that all evaluators are looking for the same elements of good instruction in their evaluation practices. Inter-rater reliability develops when leadership teams track, analyze, and compare evaluation data.

When discussing inter-rater reliability among evaluators, teams can utilize live data analytics from SFS and view at a glance if they are marking cohesively across the board.  This leads to conversation on what good instruction “looks like” in a district.

South Vermillion Superintendent Dave Chapman states, “After having an SFS facilitator spend the morning with our administrators and myself, the principals were very positive in their feedback.  They felt they had a better grasp of what they needed to do to effectively evaluate their staff.  It was time well spent.”

Further, having Standard For Success trainers onsite not only helps with the facilitation of analyzing live data and evaluation processes, but may lead to conversations about changes in rubrics.  At South Vermillion, this was especially true through dialogue on how to best capture the essence of evaluating distinctive staff, such as technology coordinators and curriculum directors.  Standard For Success staff were able to either share and/or tailor rubrics to meet the needs of these unique positions.

In addition, SFS staff had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with Mr. Chapman concerning his role as superintendent in the evaluation of principals.  This conversation, initiated by Mr. Chapman, demonstrates his desire for professional growth as a district leader and his commitment to improving the entire evaluation system in the corporation.

At Standard For Success, we are always pleased to help new schools manage staff evaluation.  It is even more exciting when schools who are already utilizing our software allow us to help them develop and refine their current evaluation process to align with best practice.  Shout out to South Vermillion for valuing on-going growth and professional development!

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