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Teachers entering the classroom today are part of the millennial generation, which is designated as those born between 1981 and 1999 (Bartz et al., 2017). Also known as Generation Y, this group seeks input differently and more often than workers of prior generations. According to research, millennials desire coaches rather than bosses (Gallup, Inc., 2016). They prefer those who can mentor and develop their strengths. They are not interested in improvement of areas of weakness, but rather how to foster strengths.

As we continue to see an influx of millennials entering the teaching profession, we must increase the quantity and quality of feedback given to these individuals. A recent research study done by our Standard For Success team revealed that teachers who receive frequent, targeted feedback are more likely to stay in the profession and in the same school. Teacher candidates are no different.

Likewise, accreditation bodies are seeking documentation of candidate growth and progress. Our SFS Accreditation platform tracks and reports this data and generates reports specific to reporting requirements of accrediting bodies. In addition, when the COVID pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, many institutions were looking for a method in which to track completion requirements.

We are in the midst of a teacher shortage and need to decrease the teacher attrition rate. Frequent, targeted feedback not only leads to decreased teacher turnover, it also leads to professional growth in needed areas of improvement. Do we want to support our candidates in the areas in which they need growth, in order to help them be successful? I know that the educator in all of us will answer a resounding “Yes!”

SFS Accreditation is a software platform that not only tracks accreditation data, but houses a continuum of aligned rubrics designed to allow Educator Preparation Programs (EPP’s) to consistently measure candidate progress. Data can be extracted from this platform to streamline accreditation and drive program development. The data extracted from this process can be used for program decisions, student remediation, and reporting and evidence for annual reports and self-studies. The platform will permit an Educator Preparation Program to view candidate program progression at a glance as well as verify program strengths and concerns. For more information contact or visit


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