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For many years educators have touted the benefits of the “Flipped Classroom”. Wayyy back in 2007, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams started narrating and recording lessons as PowerPoint presentations at their high school in Colorado. They posted these recordings online for students who had missed class so they could catch up. They soon realized that their lectures were being used by students who had attended class as review for upcoming assessments.

At about the same time, Salman Khan started creating math tutorial videos for his young cousin. After other people’s cousins became more interested in the content he was creating, he quit his job as a hedge fund analyst, and established Khan Academy as a way to deliver tutorials to learners everywhere.

But what about us adults? Are we not simply older, more experienced learners who could benefit from being able to watch, rewatch, and watch again the learning we need to complete a particular task? How many of us when needing to fix something on a car or refrigerator turn to the “experts” found on YouTube to show us how to replace a Flux Capacitor? Me, Me, ME, I do, I do all the time!

With this in mind, Standard for Success is designing and constructing a system that will provide in time, on time, and ready access to online video support and training for our education family. You will soon be able to learn how to utilize features of many of our SFS resources via a Support Library that will be available 24 hours per day via our Support area. You will be able to watch through the training/support material at your own pace and then rewatch if you need to hear it again or need a refresher. You will also have the benefit of learning the new material whenever is most convenient for you…a BONUS for busy educators, I know!!

Stay tuned for more updates as we will be releasing more details in the coming weeks!!

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