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Our very own Dr. Dianna Whitlock was recently featured in an article on the District Administration site! Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

COVID has caused many necessary twists on traditional K-12 education: technology demands, masked learning, virtual learning, hybrid learning, safety protocols, budget adjustments.

One pivot to avoid? Pausing teacher evaluations. While many states and schools may pause the formal evaluation requirement, thinking it is another on a long list of “to-dos”, it is critical to continue the feedback process to educators.

Why? The constructive feedback provided to teachers during the evaluation process has proven to improve culture and empower employees.  It helps teachers (and any employee) to develop their strengths and addresses their areas of need. Take a look at your workforce. According to research, millennials desire coaches rather than bosses (Gallup, Inc., 2016).  They prefer those who can mentor and develop their strengths

It is tempting for administrators to ease off the gas – after all, teachers are busier than ever, juggling the demands of virtual students and providing curriculum in a completely new way.

Click here to read the full post, including four key considerations for administrators!

Teacher Evaluation as a Growth Process

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