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If you were recently on a Frontier flight, you might have seen our informational video about Standard for Success. As discussed in the video, we are dedicated to streamlining employee evaluations in order to drive improvement and organizational efficiency. Our software collects data in a meaningful way, which allows organizations to collect data that will drive results. Furthermore, over the past three years, we’ve been able to maintain an excellent client retention rate due to our superior customer service; we are dedicated to excellence on every level.

In today’s data driven world, more decisions are based on quantitative data than ever before. This is especially true in the evaluation process many states are adopting for teacher and administrator evaluation. Watch this video to hear our CEO, Todd Whitlock, talk about how our software is changing the evaluation process and influencing the entire industry.

[Also aired on CNNMoney, Fox News, and American Airlines]

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Standard For Success helps schools drive organizational growth and effectively evaluate teachers with our fully customizable teacher evaluation software.

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