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With ISTEP/ILEARN and other graduation qualifying exams being canceled, are you wondering if your seniors will have all of the requirements needed to graduate?

During this trying time in our country and the world, there are perfect opportunities available to help out the community and at the same time satisfy a Project Based Learning Experience or Service Based Learning Experience toward graduation.

Take a look at the list below, and contact your seniors today so they can take advantage of the needs that could be right outside their door…or even right at the end of their fingertips!!

1. Create a YT channel to teach a younger student (maybe elementary) a skill or set of skills.

2. Connect with some elementary teachers in your area to help teach the skills needed for online learning.

3. Offer to do “Virtual Homeschooling” and offer to help students either by tutoring them or teaching them materials from their teachers.

4. Help set up a technology based connection for families of residents at local nursing homes.

5. Start and offer a no contact delivery service for local families who either can’t or don’t want to go out. Go to the store and purchase needed supplies for neighbors and/or friends. If you receive money, pay your gas expenses, but otherwise donate the extra to a non-profit organization.

6. Connect with a local restaurant that is offering delivery service and offer services for free (or minimal expense to pay for gas) to take the burden off of the restaurant at this time.

According to page 29 of the IDOE Graduation Pathways Policy Guidance document, a Service Based Learning Experience can be done as a group.

Certainly social distancing should be practiced, but with the technology we have available, a great group project could be created where students work together to complete a greater goal for the good of the community.

Students can pool their social networking skills and get out there and help the community…and help themselves graduate at the same time!

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