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How do you grow teachers without burning them out?

And how do you retain quality educators when they’re jumping ship in record numbers?

We don’t have to tell you schools have never experienced a teacher shortage like this before. But how do you stop the bleeding?

To counter the teacher exodus and disengagement, schools must find new ways to engage, develop and retain teachers, now.

It’s not just a matter of outperforming other schools; it’s a matter of ensuring the quality of the education your organization delivers today doesn’t decline in the years to come.

Whatever you think of current industry standards and regulations, it’s easy to slip into empty exercises for the sake of compliance. That’s one reason why teachers are leaving the profession, and upcoming grads avoiding it all together.

That is particularly true in teacher evaluation and development.

Done poorly, teacher development efforts can actually backfire and turn teachers off to your organization.

Rather, an effective development, engagement & retention strategy is:

  • Personal, customized to each teacher.
  • Rooted in reliable evaluation data that’s accurate and makes sense to teachers and evaluators.
  • Driven by an ongoing, two-way dialogue between teacher and evaluator.
  • Paired with targeted training.
  • Aligned with documented successes across the nation.

Just as important, an effective teacher development strategy doesn’t waste anyone’s time with burdensome steps, needless paperwork, or action items that add nothing to the classroom.

Download our “How to Grow, Engage & Retain Teachers” white paper to learn other characteristics and action steps of an effective teacher growth strategy. Fill out the form below.


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