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For many of us in education, our holiday wish is to survive until the winter break!  While we often think of our elementary students as excitable and unfocused this time of year, we also need to acknowledge that our older students (and adults!) may be struggling to pay attention and finish strong as the semester winds down.

This happens for multiple reasons.  First of all, a winter break looming in the distance makes it difficult to focus on the right now.  Students and staff alike may find themselves delaying projects and new initiatives until “after the first of the year”.

Second, this wonderful season brings about many activities.  How many programs have you attended, or plan to attend, for your school this season?  In addition, personal obligations, such as invitations and preparation for family celebrations, while enjoyable, add to the time commitment of the season as well.  The result?  Over scheduled students, parents, teachers, and administrators.  This at a time when we are all trying to wrap up coursework and ask students to concentrate on finals is bound to lead to some pre-holiday stress.

I have seen many articles lately about how to de-stress your holiday this year.  Not sure if any of these are tried and true, or even if this concept is possible, but I really like the sound of it!  So I encourage all of you to find some time this holiday season to “de-stress”.  If you must work over the holiday break, do so in short intervals and with the balance of spending time with those who make you happy.

This is also a perfect time for reflective practice.  Take a little time (not much!) at the end of this semester to reflect upon what went well this first semester, and what could go better in 2019.  Not sure if you want to label them as New Years’ Resolutions, but re-set a few personal and professional goals for the new semester.

And most of all, we at Standard For Success would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a joyous holiday season.  As we reflect upon our 2018, we would like to thank those of you who are current clients and followers on social media.  We look forward to serving your educational needs in 2019.

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