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As many schools across the nation started down the path of compliance to new teacher effectiveness laws they tried to use paper, local or online created documents or other programs.  We have been fortunate at Standard For Success ( to work along side many schools across the nation as they navigate these new waters.

As many of our clients have now collected up to two years of data they are not having to ask “now what?” The “now what” is using the detailed individual, department, school, and district data to drive professional growth and student achievement. The real-time data available has allowed Standard For Success clients to identify strengths and weaknesses early to adjust policies, procedures, and instructional methods in a proactive manner. The adjustments have not only been in the classroom but in administrator training and the evaluation process as well.

Your schools must figure how to implement a system to collect, analyze and use the data to drive success in the classroom.  Much has been written in the media about teacher effectiveness ratings not being a true measure of what is happening in the classroom or being “inflated.  Schools that “know what” instead of “now what” are making a difference.  Educators and leaders need to work to make sure their school district is a KNOW WHAT school and not a NOW WHAT school in using teacher evaluation data.


If your methods and tools are not meeting your needs give us a call or email and we will show you how we can help your district become a standard for success.

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